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Air traffic simulation and visualization platform.

Virtual Air

This project promotes a M&S HLA compliant framework for distributed air traffic simulation. The framework integrates various 3rd party simulation and visualization software and several original components.



First flight trial with FlightGear and Microsoft Flight Simulator X, using the MITRE AviationSimNet object model (FOM) and the ONERA CERTI HLA infrastructure.


The software modules allow plug-and-play integration using the Python programming language. The design principles follow The Zen of Python.

The standard compliant interface based on M&S HLA 1.3 and (a subset of) RPR-FOM 1.0 enables integration with additional commercial tools like MAK VR-Forces or MAK Stealth.


Each component is an individual and independent project with an own license. Authors of these components are not anyhow affiliated with the VirtualAir project.

You may need the following additional software to run VirtualAir simulations:

The flight simulator integrataion is supported by a student project MUNI/33/01/2009 at the Masaryk University Brno.