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Air traffic simulation and visualization platform.

Simulation Monitor

This application provides a Python Language API for visualization of air traffic situation.

The concept of aeronatical data visualization is described in: Tomas Kralicek, Python Language Bindings for 3D Airspace Visualization, Bachelor Thesis, Masaryk University, Brno, Spring 2009. Archived in

Abstract: The goal of this thesis was development of the 3D visualization of the airspace. The thesis contains an analysis of 3D objects proposed for the visualization of situations in the airspace. The thesis also discusses aspects of the 3D Earth model visualization and aspects of computing geodetic curves used for the airspace model creation. The visualization is implemented as the Python module written in C++ for the Python C API. The application is based on the Earth model from the OssimPlanet and on the OpenSceneGraph graphic library. The implemented application is a working proof of the airspace visualization concept.

The following modules are available:

Earth Visualization

Visualization of Earth. Based on the ossimPlanet library.

../_images/py_ossim1s.png ../_images/py_ossim2s.png
Aircraft Visualization

Visualization of aircraft. Displays the SimGear compatible aircraft models.

../_images/py_aircraft1s.png ../_images/py_aircraft2s.png
Airspace Visualization

Visualization of airspace borders. Input data are provided as a set of vertices, compatible with AIXM data models.

../_images/py_airspace1s.png ../_images/py_airspace2s.png
Scalar Field Visualization
Visualization of artificial 3D shapes for data (e.g. scalar field) visualization. Based on CGAL library functions. Input data are provided as a continuous surphace function f(x,y,z), or as as discrete set of points.
Map Symbol Visualization

Visualization of aeronautical symbols.

../_images/py_symbol1s.png ../_images/py_symbol2s.png

The software is freely available under LGPL via SourceForge.


You may download the latest alpha version. This version contains the largest set of features available, but it is a subject of change and contains bugs.

You are welcome to report any problems via our mailing list.

To download the latest source codes, please checkout the SVN Repository.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install Python 2.5.x
  1. Install Ossim Planet 1.7.21
  1. Install the latest Virtual Air