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Air traffic simulation and visualization platform.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Interface

The HLA interface enables the Microsoft Flight Simulator X to participate an HLA 1.3 compliant simulation. Such simulation provides a virtual environment where all aircraft can interact.

The module should be compatible with any M&S HLA RTI (Run Time Infrastructure). It was tested with the ONERA CERTI HLA infrastructure.

The software is freely available under LGPL via SourceForge.


To download the latest source codes, please checkout the SVN Repository.

Official releases can be downloaded via SourceForge.

You are welcome to report any problems via our mailing list.

User Instructions

Before using the Flight Simulator HLA interface, a HLA RTI must be started:


The Microsoft SimConnect library is required to start the HLA interface. Put a SimConnect.ini configuration file in your My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files to enable the SimConnect library and restart the Flight Simulator.

Once the SimConnect is active, the Flight Simulator HLA interface can be started:

set CERTI_HOST=<rtig>
FSXHLA --player=[<callsign>] <rate> <federate> <federation> ASN|RPR [<model>]


Address of a machine on which the RTIG is running.
Object name. Identification of this Flight Simulator. If not given, this Flight Simulator will not be visible to others (stealth mode).
Refresh rate [sec]. Determines how often this Flight Simulator should distribute updated information about own position.
Federate name. A unique identification of this Flight Simulator in the federation (simulation).
Federation name. Determines what federation this Flight Simulator should join.
Enables AviationSimNet conformance.
Enables RPR-FOM conformance. See SISO-STD-001.1-1999.
Federation object model (FOM). Determines a .fed file that describes the federation being joined. If not given, “.fed” is used by default.