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Air traffic simulation and visualization platform.

Map Symbol Visualization

This module provides visualization of aeronautical symbols.

../_images/py_symbol1s.png ../_images/py_symbol2s.png

For example:

import _ossimPlanet
import _symbol

globe = _ossimPlanet.ossimPlanet()
# ... globe initialization

symbol = _symbol.symbol(globe)
symbol.setLocation(0, -90, (0,'AGL'))

while not globe.renderDone():

Class symbol

class symbol
The symbol provides visualization of aeronautical map symbols. Each instance represents a single symbol in the visualization environment.

symbol instances have the following methods:


The setSymbolType() method changes type of the displayed map symbol. The following standard symbols are supported:

type icon
def ../_images/def.png
dme ../_images/dme.png
fix ../_images/fix.png
ndb ../_images/ndb.png
tacan ../_images/tacan.png
vor ../_images/vor.png
vordme ../_images/vordme.png
vortac ../_images/vortac.png
wpt ../_images/wpt.png
symbol.setColor(red, green, blue, alpha)
The setColor() method changes color of the symbol cone. The alpha value determines transparency of the cone.
symbol.setLocation(latitude, longitude, altitude)

The setLocation() method changes the symbol location. The latitude and longitude must be specified in geodetic coordinates.

The altitude is a 2-tuple (value, "AGL"), or (value, "AMSL") to specify the altitude Above Ground Level (AGL), or Above Medium Sea Level (AMSL). The altitude value is specified in meters.

The setScale() method changes the symbol scale. The symbol will be proportionally magnified for scale > 1.0.

Import of Navigation Database Data

Helper functions were implemented for automated import of X-Plane navigation database.

Importing X-Plane Navaids

You may import the X-Plane database data available at For example:

import _ossimPlanet
globe = _ossimPlanet.ossimPlanet()
# ... globe initialization

import xp_fix
fix = xp_fix.load(globe, "share/data/fix.dat")

import xp_nav
nav = xp_nav.load(globe, "share/data/nav.dat")

while not globe.renderDone():

Please note that displaying all waypoints and navigation aids around the world requires poweful visualization hardware.

xp_fix.load(globe, file)
The xp_fix.load() function loads all fixed waypoints (Fixes) from the X-Plane database file. Fixes file format 600 is expected.
xp_nav.load(globe, file)
The xp_nav.load() function loads all navigation aids (Nav-aids) from the X-Plane database file. Nav-aids file format 810 is expected.